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Nienstadtstraße 6, Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, 24768

NYC-based musical duo Charming Disaster was formed in 2012 by singer/songwriters Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris. Inspired by the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, they write songs that explore dark stories with a playfully macabre sensibility.


In Charming Disaster’s live performances, the duo combine vocal harmonies and clever lyrics with ukulele, guitar, virtuosic foot percussion, and great theatricality. Their music draws listeners into a spooky, offbeat universe of paranormal romance, con artists, circus performers, and ancient mythology, where their songs explore love, death, crime, folklore, magic, science, and the occult.

Since 2015 they have released five critically acclaimed albums: Love, Crime & Other Trouble (2015), Cautionary Tales (2017), SPELLS + RITUALS (2019), Our Lady of Radium (2022), and Super Natural History (2023). Their music has been featured on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, they have opened for legendary cello-rock ensemble Rasputina, goth icon Voltaire, and punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, and their theatrical, entertaining live shows have captivated audiences at hundreds of concerts across the United States: at concert halls, clubs, theaters, and festivals, as well as science museums, circus tents, and historic cemeteries.


photo by Krys Fox